Lighting For Your Session Is The Most Important Consideration

I prefer to start all sessions within 2 hours of sunrise or sunset for the best light of the day and images that are consistent with my light-filled portfolio. I do realize that may not be always be achievable for all sessions, especially families with young children, depending on the time of year and therefore may consider photographing at other times. Some locations lend themselves better to photographing at other times of day better than others. Examples include parks that are decently-shaded are typically good for photographing in all day!

For studio or at-home sessions these can typically be held at any time of day and I would consider the time of day where there is the most indirect natural light available in your space or the time of day that is best for your family. For example, I typically photograph newborns around 9 or 10am as mornings are typically best for fresh new babies!

It’s not always possible but if inclement weather is predicted, including overcast skies, rain or severe heat it may be worth considering rescheduling. I know that scheduling your session is really important to you and you put a lot of time into preparing so rescheduling is the last thing you want to do. However, if there isn’t any sun your images will not have that soft glow that you’re hoping for and see most often in my portfolio. Your photos will absolutely still be beautiful but if it’s possible, it may be worth rescheduling. I play part-time weather girl and watch the forecast like a hawk so I am quick to provide options if I see any weather concerns.