Choosing Your Location For Your Session

When choosing a location for your session it’s best to choose one location with good variety that allows you to get different backdrops easily. Something like a beach with rocks or dunes or a park that has an open field and trees or an urban setting close to a park!

If you don’t have a location already in mind a good starting place is to pick a vibe that fits you or you as a couple or family. For example, are you more downtown or beachy? Do you prefer a more natural park or something a little more tropical? You can give me your keywords and I can help suggest a few places that fit the vibe.

Another way to determine a location is to determine if there is a place that is meaningful? For example, where you had your first date or got engaged or a place you love to go (ie. a coffee shop!).

Something to consider is that denser locations such as parks can have a heavier feel to the photo due to the trees and greenery in the backdrop. Open fields, beaches, etc are going to feel lighter.

If you’d like to do an at-home session it’s important to consider the natural light in your home. While I can be prepared for any lighting situation, the best lighting scenarios are ones with lots of indirect, natural light from windows!

Here are some examples of locations vibes to get a feel for what would work best for you!