Mini sessions are for families, couples and brands who would like to refresh their photography in an easy, low-pressure way! They are great for families with children with short attention spans and offers an opportunity to ensure you are capturing your changing families and stories regularly!



Don't see your date or location? I always offer custom Partial Sessions as well! Click the link below to learn more!

Mini Session FAQ

What do we wear?

One of the hardest parts of planning a session, for sure! Every session with me comes with a planning guide including outfit planning recommendations. I also have put together Pinterest boards with suggestions based on your location type and if you need additional assistance, please reach out! I am more than happy to help support.

Can I bring my extended fmaily to a mini session?

Technically, yes! But it's important to note that with more people it means a lot less variety because we are using the time to get the must-haves with the multiple people.

I can't decide between a Kid's portrait session or a family session?

Both is a great option but I realize that's not always time or budget friendly! During family sessions I always try to grab an individual image + sibling group of your kids so a family session can achieve both. I will also be offering Personality Portrait Minis a few times throughout the year!

What the difference between a mini session and a petite session? Why can't I just book a mini session price on my desired date?

A mini session is 20 minutes and available during specific time slots at specific locations chosen by me. These packages are available because I am able to photograph many families this way as efficiently as possible for you and for me! Minis are a great way to offer regular photography to busy couples, businesses and growing families. A petite session is 25 minutes at your chosen location & time and offers more flexibility for scheduling. Minis are wonderful but they are quick (which I know is a benefit to many!) and there isn't room for being late because of other families or lighting constraints.

When will I get my images back? I need them for holiday cards.

My promise time is 3 weeks for outdoor sessions, 2 weeks for studio sessions and 1 week for Santa! I always aim to deliver faster than my promise time but this time of year is particularly busy (for all photographers) so I cannot guarantee I can turn your gallery any faster than my promise times. I know how important your images are and the urgency for holiday cards and have discounted my sessions in September and October to encourage you to get your images done sooner.