Here are my top 10 tips for what to wear during your engagement (or anniversary session)!


This is SO important. Do not follow ANY of my tips if they don’t feel right for you. First and foremost, it’s most important to feel confident and comfortable in what you put on. I’m photographing you and your love story and if that means a rock band tee shirt and jeans, HELL YES, I’m in! Whatever you put on should make you feel excited and beautiful because that will truly shine. If you’re feeling like your outfit is overwhelming, uncomfortable or not you – it can show.


While I have seen matchy done and it can be cute, in general I think it’s best to coordinate. Shades of a similar color look nice and is an easy way to coordinate!

Another way to think about color is to balance – bold and neutral. For example:

Greens and creams

Navy and white

Red and tan

Yellow and grey (or lt. blue or navy)


Just a quick note on color. WARM colors (ie. red, orange, yellow, brown) tend to make things look smaller. While COOL colors (blues, purples and greens) tend to be more soothing colors. You can’t go wrong either way! I do not recommend neon colors as they cause skin tone and color cast issues.


Prints can make a great statement for your images! My advice: if one of you is wearing a print, the other one is wearing a complimentary color or subtle print. Yikes, did I just say print on print? Yep! It’s not so scary. If your print is loud and bold, his is more neutral and minimalist. Like a floral and a stripe!

In addition you can add some visual interest and beautiful dimension to your images with unique textured fabrics such as lace, cable knit, crochet, tweed, chambray, faux fur, etc.!


Ahhh! A good flowy dress. There is something ethereal and dreamy about a flowy dress. I love the movement! And also, it gives you something to do with your hands!


Match vibes. Meaning, if you’re dressed up, so is your partner!! For example if you're in a long, flowy, formal dress your partner should not be dressed super casually - no t-shirts, sneakers, etc.


It’s important to complement or standout from your location. For example, If we’re going to be in a park with lot's of grass and trees (lot’s of green) you wouldn’t want to wear green or you might get lost. A nice white or fun color would pop.


Keeping your dress or outfit simple? Maybe add some fun accessories! Have you thought about a bouquet for your engagement session? I can suggest a florist! What about your furry best friend. YES PLEASE!


Some general rules of things to avoid especially for ladies:

  • Loose fitting tops or dresses - fitted or structured is best for creating shape.
  • Short or tight dresses - they can limit movement and posing
  • Too tight pants or tops if they make you uncomfortable because I want you feeling your best

For everyone:

  • Neon colors can cause color casts and skin discoloration
  • Large logos on shirts and shoes can be distracting. Avoid casual sneakers with logos unless it's part of an overall look/theme.