Top 3 Most Important Tips For Your Family Session

When you book a session with me you receive a robust prep and outfit planning guide as well as access to an interactive, shoppable, styling resource. However, below are my top 3 tips everyone should know in preparing for your family session!

1. Kids Will Be Kids

I know your kids will be kids and absolutely do not expect them to stand still or act perfectly so please do not panic when they are inevitably running away or acting silly. I will work with them to get them comfortable in front of my camera and have many tricks in my toolbox to get the smiles you’re so hoping to have captured. You can trust that I know how important the memories are to you, and I will do everything in my power to get the eyes and the smiles! With that said, please refrain from talking negatively or threatening or otherwise saying something to break confidence of your child during the session. I find bribes, treats or simply taking a beat to have a moment with your child works best if needed.

2. Parent Smile Support

If you’d like to help me get your kid to smile at my camera please be sure to do your silly faces or attention getting above my head only. If you are off to the side they will be looking at you and I won’t get their eyes at the camera.

3. Try to Remember: Moments over Poses

My goal as your photographer is to capture memories and moments. Yes, I will have you pose and try to get everyone to look a the camera with a smile at the same time but I’ll also be looking for moments where you’re connecting and loving. To me, some of those more candid moments are even more meaningful years from now when your kids have grown and changed in a flash. You want to remember the cackle when you spin them or their scrunchy nose when they’re being tickled. And if things are falling off the rails I find that having moments of connection or silly help kids come back and be more willing to smile.